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Best Electrical and Electronics Engineering Colleges In Bangalore - Department Overview

The Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering was established at the Cambridge Institute of Technology in 2007 and has been a part of the institute since its inception. The department has a sanctioned student intake of 60.

Best Electrical and Electronics Engineering Colleges In Bangalore emphasizes the underlying principle of Cambridge Institute of Technology, which is experiential learning. Hence, it focuses on flipped classrooms, cohort-based learning, theme-based projects, capstone projects, etc. in order to skill train its students and help them evolve into responsible professionals that not only contribute to the economy through their technical knowledge but also step up to societal responsibilities.

we are best electrical and electronics engineering colleges in bangalore, This Department places importance on holistic development of students to help them into global professionals. The department regularly conducts workshops, seminars, industrial visits and guest faculty lectures to keep the students and staff updated with the latest developments.

The Department also invites projects from industries to be implemented by the students and faculty. Our students have been placed in top software and core companies with the support of the placement cell. Some of our students have enrolled for higher studies in reputed national and international institutions. we are best electrical and electronics engineering colleges in bangalore

  • Permanently affiliated to VTU, Belagavi.
  • NBA and NAAC Accredite
  • ISO & UGC 2f Certified
  • Committed and Dedicated faculty members
  • Student Centric Programs for better placements
  • Trainings on domain specific courses
  • Internships, Industrial orientation and Projects


To illuminate the world by empowering the students of Electrical and Electronics Engineering with domain knowledge and relevant skills to be global professionals


M1: Implement synergized approach in teaching- learning pedagogy to develop core competencies

M2: Foster and train students to develop the traits of professional competencies and leadership skills

M3: Create an ambiance to inculcate the virtues of global professionals


Cambridge Institute of Technology | CIT
Prof. Hema. A

B.E., M.Tech.
Associate Professor and HoD

Best Electrical and Electronics Engineering Colleges In Bangalore with Placements - Course Overview

We are top/ Best electrical and electronic engineering colleges in bangalore. Bachelor in Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the Cambridge Institute of Technology is a holistic programme that equips students with professional competencies, leadership skills and technical knowledge to help students to grow into global professionals.

we are best electrical and electronics engineering colleges in bangalore, The course focuses on enabling students to apply mathematics and science fundamentals to analyse complex Electrical Engineering problems. During the period of study, students will be provided training on designing electrical and electronics system components and undertake research using modern tools. 

Post the degree, graduates will be able to analyze, investigate and design control systems, electrical machines, power systems and work on multidisciplinary projects. 

Besides theoretical and practical knowledge of the domain, the Department also conducts workshops for its students to help them learn communication skills, leadership skills and learn about societal and environmental sustainability.

Program Educational Outcomes (PEOs)

PEO1: Able to apply mathematics and science fundamentals for analyzing complex Electrical Engineering problems.

PEO2: Able to design Electrical and Electronics system components and to adapt various research methods using modern tools.

PEO3: Able to attain professional competencies through lifelong learning with ethical andmoral behaviour.

PEO4: Able to communicate effectively and exhibit leadership quality towards globalprofessionalism.

PEO5: Able to provide lucid solutions for societal and environmental sustainability.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

Graduates will be able to:

PSO1: Identify, formulate and solve Electrical, Electronics and Computing problems.

PSO2: Analyze, investigate and design Control systems, Electrical Machines, Power systems andwork on multidisciplinary projects.

PSO3: Use transformation techniques and implement software solutions to design, simulate and analyse Electrical and Electronics systems.


  • Located in the Third Floor, Sir. M.V. Block
  • No. of Classroom = 3(third Floor)
  • No. of Labs = 7 
  • Every classrooms and labs are equipped with LCD Projectors,One of our class room is equipped with smart board.
  • Computing facility – 30 computers (HP Intel core i5, with 8GB RAM)
  • No. of Printers are 3
  • Department operated with NETFOX firewall (both hardware and software)
  • High end Dell Server
  • Internet facility – 150Mbps dedicated leased line
  • Wi-Fi enabled department
  • Separate Department Library  
  • Department is under CCTV surveillance (including classrooms, labs, staffroom and corridors)
  • Systems are equipped with Softwares like MiPower,MATLAB,PSPICE,MULTISIM etc.
  • All the staffroom are equipped with cubicles & necessary amenaties. 

Electrical and Electronics Engineering Placements & Opportunities

We are the best electrical and electronics colleges in bangalore with placements. Graduates holding an Electrical and Electronic Engineering can explore opportunities in both the private and public sector. Electrical and electronic engineers are sought in power plants, railways, electricity boards and utility companies, electrical design and consultancy firms, IT companies and all types of manufacturing industries. Popular job roles that electrical and electronic engineers are sought for:

  1. Development & Test Engineers
  2. Electrical Product Design Engineers
  3. Consultants
  4. Project Heads

For those interested in pursuing a higher degree, there are opportunities in reputed organisations within the country such as IISC, IITs, NITs etc. Several students look at attaining a higher technical degree from foreign Universities too, & we are the best electrical and electronics colleges in bangalore

we are best electrical and electronics engineering colleges in bangalore, Cambridge Institute of Technology promotes entrepreneurship and provides its students all possible opportunities to start out as entrepreneurs. For students interested in entrepreneurship, some job roles that they can look at include:

– Electrical Contractors

– Energy Auditors

– Establishing Renewable Energy Setups

Apart from providing an excellent academic environment, the department also provides an active platform for industry institute interaction. In this regard the department has initiated MoUs with the following companies to train the students and make them employable.

  • Think & Ink Education & Research foundation, Bengaluru
  • AkanshaPowertronix, Bengaluru
  • Prolific Systems & Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Bengaluru
  • Indian Tech keys, Bengaluru
  • Mcore Technologies

we are best electrical and electronics engineering colleges in bangalore, Department has been preparing electrical and electronic engineers who are well-rounded professionals, complete with technical skills, soft-skills and the right aptitude calibrated to adapt into global work cultures. Our students have been placed in reputed organisations world-wide.

Our Institute goes beyond the traditional graduate programs in Business or Engineering to turn out our students to be leaders. we are best electrical and electronics engineering colleges in bangalore, The department of HRD offers trainings in various fields including Business English Communication certification, Aptitude training (Quant, verbal, logical, reasoning, problem solving, Resume building, Interpersonal skills), Personality and Interpersonal skill Building etc.

Cambridge Institute of Technology | CIT

Job opportunities are available both in private and public sectors like power plants, railways, civil aviation, electricity board and utility companies, electrical design and consultancy firms, IT companies and all types of manufacturing industries.

Research: IISc, IITs, NITs, Raman Research Institute

Entrepreneurship: Electrical Contractors, Energy Auditors, Renewable Energy Setups, Automation, Switchgear, etc.

Higher studies in reputed universities in India & abroad – IIT, NIT, RMIT  etc.)


Professional Scope

  • Development & Test Engineers
  • Electrical Product Design Engineers
  • Consultants
  • Project Heads
  • Entrepreneur

Our Top Recruiters

Cambridge Institute of Technology | CIT
Cambridge Institute of Technology | CIT
Cambridge Institute of Technology | CIT
Cambridge Institute of Technology | CIT
Cambridge Institute of Technology | CIT

EEE Placement Statistics

Cambridge Institute of Technology is one of the finest colleges of engineering, offers 100% placement assistance. In past years, we have accelerated the placement outcomes for Electrical and Electronics Engineering students. This field of engineering has a great opportunity to escalate career growth.

At CIT, we offer students training and skill-oriented projects to make them industry ready for the future. Infosys, Capgemini, TCS, Square Yards, Amazon, Smart Brains are our top and reputed recruiter for the EEE department. The highest package offered for last year was 4.5 LPA. In the COVID -19 breakouts, our placement team is gearing up for the next academic year placement and training process.

Cambridge Institute of Technology | CIT


Workshops, Guest Lectures are conducted in our department under the banner of FOLKS to encourage students to enrich their technical and professional skills in the field of Electrical & Electronics. Full form of our forum name FOLKS is a combination of five scientists who have made a remarkable work in the field of Electrical & :Electronics Engineering :Faraday, Ohms, Lenz, Kirchoff, Scott  which enables students to showcase their technical abilities.

Some of the Guest Lecturers, Workshops, Seminars conducted in our department are listed below:

  1. Importance and Implementation of NEP 2020
  2. IDEATHON 2023
  3. Entrepreneurship Development on Battery Refurbishment
For a comprehensive list of workshops conducted by the EEE department, please visit our [Workshops/Seminars/FDP Page](Click Here)


Electrical & Electronics Engineering study involves generation, transmission & distribution of Power. The research and development of the EEE department act under the R&D wing of the institutions. The department’s collaboration with industry leaders provides opportunities to receive industrial training with project-based learning modules. The research involves Power Systems, Electrical Vehicle and  innovations in the field of Robotics. The focus is to develop skill within every individual from the institution.

The funded and non-funded projects also give a major impact on the growth. Working with professors on a different set of projects under R&D, evaluates the skill set of the student and also helps to discover the area of interest. It also improves the area of imagination within a student’s mind and brings out the potential of work.

Intuit- Project Exhibition

INTUIT – 2023 is conducted across the all the UG department on 29/04/2023 Saturday where all the final year project students exhibited their project models. A demonstration of their respective project work has been carried out among the project group member to all the vaster.

Evaluation of their project work has been done by the external expert in line with one internal expert faculty member to evaluate the best projects. There were 12 project works has been demonstrated during the INTUIT – 2023. INTUIT – 2023 explore the technical skills among all the students and give more exposure towards technical knowledge which is very much required in building their career. The event mainly focused in developing interest among students toward new innovation and rapidly growing technology. The judges not only gave the judgments but also helped and guided the students to make some improvisations in their project wherever required which in turn helped the students to work on their project in a better way. BEST TWO PROJECTS were awarded with cash prize and certificate.

Cambridge Institute of Technology | CIT
Cambridge Institute of Technology | CIT

“Students activity involved in demonstrating their projects during Intuit 2023”

The Experience

The Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the Cambridge Institute of Technology provides special labs for students as practice labs. The students not only use labs for meeting the academic requirements but also to do mini projects, projects and also workshops for skill enhancement.  The Department provides an opportunity for students to work on projects for project exhibition at both intra and inter college level.

Students learn in a real-world environment, function as team members, discuss the planning of experiments, and share ideas about the analysis and interpretation of data. Most of the engineering instructions take place in the laboratory and it demands the active use of knowledge and skill. The laboratory courses help them to gain insight and understanding of the real world which they learn in their theory courses and the ideas for innovations.

Cambridge Institute of Technology | CIT

Designing, Building or Assembling a product, or system using specific methodologies & equipment.

Cambridge Institute of Technology | CIT

Demonstrate Creativity, independent thought, creativity, and capability in real-world problem solving.

Cambridge Institute of Technology | CIT

Work in Teams to learn individual and joint accountability, assign roles, responsibilities and tasks.

Workshops: Forum organizes workshops along with academics in different areas which provides hands-on training to the students.

Guest Lectures: Eminent personalities from various Industries and Institutions are invited to lend valuable Information to students with the latest updates of the Industries.

Industrial visits: Objective of industrial visit is to provide students an insight regarding internal working of companies/power plant. Few eminent companies which students have visited are BEL, BEML, BHEL, KPCL, KPTCL, Rail Wheel Factory, KREDEL, NPTI / PSTI, BHORUKA Power Plant, Sharavati Power Plant, Varahi Power Plant.

Project Exhibition: Project exhibition is held annually in the name of INTUIT. Students showcase their projects which is evaluated by external resource persons. Based on the performance in the exhibition three best projects are awarded with cash prizes from each semester.

Academic Support & Mentoring

Our team of faculty at the EEE department focus on the following objectives laying strong strategies to support and encourage students in building their skills and expertise. 

  • Department vision is achieved broadly by Governance and Academics. 
  • Governance involves developing a strategy plan at dept. Level. 
  • Academics involve teaching-learning process, defining and mapping various outcomes to mission and vision of the department. 

Industry Partnerships

Apart from providing an excellent academic environment, the EEE department also provides an active platform for industry-institute interaction. In this regard, the department has taken initiatives to have long term MOUs with the following companies to train students and make them employable. 

  • Think & Ink Education & Research foundation, Bangalore Akansha Powertronix, Bangalore
  • Prolific Systems & Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore 

Achievements of the Department

  • Publications in renowned national/international Journals and Conferences by faculty and students Student representatives in VTU level technical and sports events 
  • Many of our Alumni are successful Entrepreneurs Good industry-institute interaction
  • 100% placements for eligible students 

Department clubs


The major objective of the IEEE/ISTE student chapter is to assist and contribute in the overall development of top graduates required by industries and other organizations. The IEEE/ISTE organizes events such as Ideathon, Hackathon, Treasure Hunt, Circuit Debugging, Coding Contest, Treasure Hunt and Technical Crosswords.


FOLKS is a students’ forum that facilitates Technical and Non-Technical Activities. The Forum seeks to encourage team work and the spirit of self-reliance among its student members. Under this forum, technical workshops, guest lectures from industry captains, industrial visits, project exhibitions, non-technical activities such as debates, quiz competitions and other cultural programmes are organised.

Lab Programs execution - cit
Lab Infrastructure -cit
Lab Infrastructure -cit

Specialization Courses

Cambridge Institute of Technology | CIT
Cambridge Institute of Technology | CIT
Cambridge Institute of Technology | CIT

We have curated specialist courses for electrical and electronics engineering students who show their ability to innovate and want to broaden their knowledge. The Industry Academia Distance restricts Indian engineers from employment at the end of its 4-year degree. You should take specialized courses to make your break useful. We have three professional courses for students of electrical and electronics engineering. 

The vast majority of studies do not know their academic focus and spend a lot of money, energy and time seeking an unsuitable field. If you’re in CIT you don’t have to address this issue. Get to know where you are bright and how you’re not doing right from the beginning of your degree. For semester 1 to semester 8 students, CIT initiated projects-based technical courses. These specialization courses will offer students the opportunity to pursue a new profession.

So what are the advantages of taking the course?

  • You will be working on 25 times more tasks than a typical bachelor degree student.
  • The projects are planned by experts in industry to proliferate the engineers ability.
  • Right from day 1 of college, you can create a technological portfolio..
  • Designed to help you produce high performance during your studies to set an notable quality in your CV.
  • Concentrate on developing your expertise in your areas of interest.
  • Elective training prepares for a number of specialized professions.
  • Data-driven approach to identify places where you do better and areas where you don’t go so well to keep track of your performance.
  • Identify your key attributes to use your degree effectively.

Who is this course for?

  • For students of electrical and electronics engineering who are desiring for new challenges for promising work
  • For professionals from related fields who want to speed up awareness and enhance career growth

What will you get?

  • The top 5% of the class holds a certificate of merit
  • All students will be granted completion certificates
  • Construction of a technical portfolio
  • Connect your technical projects automatically
  • A better career profile that can be shared with LinkedIn

Dr. G. Indumathi

Principal, Cambridge Institute of Technology

  • Ph.D. completed during 2012, Dr. M.G.R University Chennai
  • M.Tech Industrial Electronics from SJCE Mysore under VTU in the year 2003
  • B.E. Electronics and Communication , SJCE Mysore , Mysore University in the year 1987

“Technical education is not learning of the facts, but the training of the Mind to think”

                                                                                                                      — Albert Einstein

Cambridge Institute of Technology focuses on imparting quality education to all. We provide an opportunity to all our students to develop the qualities of global professionals. An academic platform through standardized teaching learning processes assist the students towards achieving academic excellence. At Cambridge  Institute of Technology, the students are trained on emerging technologies through Industry collaborative programmes, Real time projects and Internship opportunities through Industry sponsored labs, participate in research activities in advanced research labs. A start up ecosystem is established at the Institute for students and faculty with mentoring, training and infrastructure support to inculcate the start up culture among the young minds. Students have ample opportunities to participate in sports and extra curricular activities. Technical competencies through various clubs at the Departments. Our goal is to develop our students as technocrats who can contribute  to the society and build a sustainable eco system.