A day in the life of a first-year Cambridge Engineering student

The walls of Cambridge Institute of Technology typically start echoing with the chatters and footsteps of students as early as thirty minutes past eight, in the morning. The campus starts filling up with students arriving from the college hostel, different locations of Bangalore, and abundant students from the nearest towns.

Each academic day spans eight hours, engaging all the students with six to seven lectures a day. The classes begin with a ten minutes engaging session called ‘Connect Session’. In this session, each student is anticipated to speak on a chosen topic or the one each is comfortable with, aiming to make students confident enough for the future and let go of their stage fears.

Actual lectures begin at nine in the morning. Allotting different subject classes makes each day made prolific enough to balance out the schedule. The curriculum ensures that a student receives a number of subjects and thus maintains a resourceful and productive mind of the student.

Following two lectures, a tea break relaxes the students who enjoy and loosen up themselves and get prepared to run their brains and bodies for another two hours of classes. Classes run until 1 a.m., which leads to a student lunch break the most anticipated time of the day. The break spans thirty minutes and is undoubtedly the busiest part of the day inside the college campus.

Students preserve their focus for another three hours worth of classes until finally, the academic session for the day comes to an end. Students pack down their bags and rush out as soon as possible to grab some fresh air and catch up with friends. The campus gets quiet around 6 o’clock as each one of the students and faculty leaves. Until the next academic day begins, the walls are usually crowded by hostel students roaming or carrying out their chores for the day.

Two hours a week laboratory classes are provided for students to discuss the practical aspect of engineering. The college monitors the extracurricular students’ skills, experience and competitive spirit by engaging them in different programs like photography, discussions (Tuesday).

The last academic hour of Thursday is typically allotted for projects. A project involving the planning, research and communication to their respective coordinators about the progress of their tasks is assigned to each group of students.

Saturday is one of the most uncommon days of the week since students are free from any kind of class. However, all the students are expected to be present in the college to engage themselves with their made-out plan for the project from Thursday and bring about some progress. Sunday remains to be a carefree day for the students, like every other school or college in the world.

Each day of Cambridge Institute remains well composed of all margins and keeps on drawing out the right amount of potential from each of its students.



Imtiyaz Ahmed