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Bengaluru Mega Meetup

The Bengaluru Mega Meetup powered by Cambridge Institute of Technology brought together professionals and enthusiasts from the Salesforce community. The event provided a platform for knowledge sharing, networking, and collaboration.

Cambridge Institute of Technology | CIT

Salesforce dignitaries Jigar shaw Aditya Naag, Alok Kumar, Swati Taunk, Naga  KiranManyala, Kishore B T, Bhanu Dasgupta , Sathosh Rebello , Shibu Abraham, Dr. Prakash Sheelvanthmath , and the Salesforce CGL – Rupalika Sahoo, Thamalalla Venkata Seshagiri Rao, Chinna Babu Juturi, Jagan NS, Sakshi Setty, Kumarswami Mathapati, Harshit Sharma were greeted cordially as they arrived at the Cambridge Institute of Technology (CIT) campus at 10.15 a.m. The reception team ensured that the distinguished guests had a smooth and enjoyable arrival. Upon their arrival, the dignitaries had the opportunity to engage in a fruitful discussion with Shri D.K Mohan, Chairman, Cambridge Group of Institutions, regarding various aspects of Salesforce and its profound impact on the industry.

Cambridge Institute of Technology | CIT
Cambridge Institute of Technology | CIT

The dignitaries from Salesforce were truly amazed by the remarkable infrastructure and ambience they experienced on the 5th floor of Cambridge Institute of Technology. Specifically, they were highly impressed by two notable features: the CCCIR  and the Cambrian Lab.

The CCIR, known for its state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge research capabilities, left a lasting impression on the dignitaries. Its innovative environment and advanced resources showcased the institution’s commitment to fostering research and development. The dignitaries recognized the significance of having such a dedicated center for innovation within the campus, which undoubtedly contributes to the overall academic excellence of Cambridge Institute of Technology.

Furthermore, the dignitaries were captivated by the Cambrian Lab, an exceptional space designed to encourage creativity and collaboration among students and faculty. The ambiance of the lab, combined with its modern equipment and interactive technologies, created an ideal environment for hands-on learning and exploration. The dignitaries acknowledged the importance of providing students with access to such cutting-edge facilities, as it prepares them to excel in the ever-evolving technological landscape.

Cambridge Institute of Technology | CIT
Cambridge Institute of Technology | CIT

The event was skillfully anchored by Rupalika Sahoo, a prominent figure leading the Bengaluru Women In Tech Group. Her expertise in hosting such events added an extra layer of professionalism and ensured a seamless flow throughout the meetup. Coordinating the event was Ms. Usha Rani Ramananthan, Director-Department of HRD, Talent Transformation HUB,CIT  and Ms. Monika, Head Professor Placement Coordinator  played a vital role in organizing and managing the logistics, making sure that everything was well-executed.


Cambridge Institute of Technology | CIT
Cambridge Institute of Technology | CIT

With over 1200 registrations and more than 650 attendees, it’s clear that there was a strong desire within the Salesforce community to engage with the event. The diverse range of attendees from various domains of Salesforce, including Architects, Leaders from various organizations at different levels, Consultants, Admins, Developers, Freshers, women looking to make a comeback, and individuals from non-Salesforce backgrounds who wanted to transition into the Salesforce domain, demonstrates the wide appeal and inclusivity of the meetup. The Sir M V Auditorium at the 5th floor of CIT served as the venue for the Bengaluru mega meetup. With its grandeur and elegance, the auditorium created a captivating ambiance for the event.

Upon entering the auditorium, attendees were greeted by a spacious and well-designed interior. The seating arrangements were comfortable and strategically organized to ensure optimal visibility for all participants. The stage was set with state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment, guaranteeing clear and immersive presentations.

The lighting design of the auditorium was thoughtfully arranged, enhancing the professional and engaging atmosphere. The organizers paid attention to detail and decorated the space with event branding, featuring the Cambridge Institute of Technology and Salesforce logo , Salesforce Mascots and event banners. This created a sense of unity and community among the attendees.

The inaugural function began with the ceremonial lighting of the lamp. Following the lamp lighting, Dr. Indhumathi G, Principal of Cambridge Institute of Technology, delivered an inspiring presentation on behalf of Shri. D. K Mohan, Chairman, and Mr. Nithin Mohan, CEO of Cambridge Group of Institutions. Dr. Indhumathi G highlighted some remarkable milestones of CIT, including:

  • NIRF Innovation Ranking: Making a Mark in Band 101-150
  • NAAC A+,NBA accredited
  • Zero waste campus
  • Receiving a funding of 4.94 Crores from the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology for R&D.

Being the first institute in South India to introduce “SIRIUS” in collaboration with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and Microsoft.

Cambridge Institute of Technology | CIT
Cambridge Institute of Technology | CIT

Insightful Sessions and Industry Leaders: The event featured esteemed industry leaders who shared their insights and experiences. Sessions on AI + Data + CRM for Developers, Salesforce Automation, and Mastering the Dark Art of Salesforce Demonstration provided valuable knowledge and expertise. We express our gratitude to all the speakers for their valuable contributions.

  • Jigar Shah – Salesforce MVP: Session on “Mastering the Dark Art of Salesforce Demonstration.” Join Salesforce MVP, Mr. Jigar Shah, in a captivating session where he unveils the secrets of mastering the art of Salesforce demonstration. Learn the techniques to engage your audience, tell compelling stories, and showcase key features effectively. Discover how to leverage various Salesforce tools and functionalities to create impactful demonstrations that leave a lasting impression.
  • Aditya Naag Topalli – Lead Developer Evangelist at Salesforce: Session on “AI + Data + CRM for Developers.” Dive into the world of artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics, and customer relationship management (CRM) with Mr. Aditya Naag Topalli, Lead Developer Evangelist at Salesforce. In this session, developers will explore the exciting possibilities of integrating AI, data, and CRM. Gain insights into leveraging Salesforce Einstein, harness data-driven insights, and discover how developers can build intelligent applications to deliver exceptional customer experiences and drive business growth.
  • Alok Kumar – Salesforce Architect at Carelon Global Solutions: Session on “Salesforce Automation: Flow Orchestration, Reactivity, and Integration.” Join Mr. Alok Kumar, Salesforce Architect at Carelon Global Solutions, as he delves into the realm of Salesforce automation. In this session, learn about the power of Salesforce Flow, the tool that empowers you to automate complex business processes and build applications without code. Explore the art of flow orchestration, design reactive processes for real-time automation, and gain insights into seamlessly integrating Salesforce automation with other systems and platforms.

Meet with industry expert

The event further included panel discussions led by industry experts, Mr. Santosh Rebello, Saravana Manickam, Mr. Jigar Shah and Dr. Prakash Sheelvanthmath. The panelists engaged in insightful discussions on topics such as Salesforce implementation challenges, industry trends, and the future of CRM.

Cambridge Institute of Technology | CIT
Cambridge Institute of Technology | CIT

Fun Activity and Token of Appreciation: To end the event on a high note, a fun trivia session was conducted by Mr. Shibu Abraham, followed by a token of appreciation from Cambridge Institute of Technology and the Bengaluru Mega Meetup team to all the speakers and guests.

The Bangalore Meetup on June 24, Salesforce, powered by Cambridge Institute of Technology, was a resounding success. It brought together a diverse group of Salesforce enthusiasts, experts, and professionals, fostering knowledge sharing, networking, and collaboration. The event contributed to the growth and development of the Salesforce community in Bangalore, empowering individuals and organizations to harness the power of Salesforce for business success.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the management of Cambridge Group of Institutions, specifically Shri D.K Mohan and Mr. Nithin Mohan, for their invaluable support and for providing the exceptional infrastructure of the auditorium. Their contribution made it possible to host such a successful event and create a platform for the Salesforce community to thrive.

By offering their esteemed auditorium as a venue for the meetup, Shri D.K Mohan and Mr. Nithin Mohan showcased their commitment to fostering education, collaboration, and innovation within the Salesforce ecosystem. Their support and dedication were instrumental in making the event a resounding success.

Cambridge Institute of Technology | CIT
Cambridge Institute of Technology | CIT

Feedback from students of CIT who completed internships in Salesforce:

  • Nithyashree R (CIT): The Salesforce training I received during my internship was an incredible experience. The comprehensive curriculum and hands-on approach allowed me to gain a deep understanding of Salesforce concepts and their practical applications. The training materials provided were helpful in reinforcing the learning and expanding my knowledge. The practical exercises and real-world projects gave me valuable hands-on experience and prepared me well for working with Salesforce in a professional setting. Overall, the Salesforce internship at CIT has been instrumental in shaping my skills and providing a strong foundation in this domain.
  • Poojitha Prakash (CIT): The Salesforce training program offered through my internship at CIT was exceptional. It equipped me with a solid understanding of Salesforce and its various components. The hands-on training and projects provided practical experience, allowing me to apply the learned concepts in real-world scenarios. The guidance from experienced instructors and the opportunity to work on live projects enhanced my skills and confidence in using Salesforce effectively. I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this internship program, as it has been instrumental in paving the way for my career in Salesforce.

Cambridge Institute of Technology | CIT
Cambridge Institute of Technology | CIT

Dr. G. Indumathi

Principal, Cambridge Institute of Technology

  • Ph.D. completed during 2012, Dr. M.G.R University Chennai
  • M.Tech Industrial Electronics from SJCE Mysore under VTU in the year 2003
  • B.E. Electronics and Communication , SJCE Mysore , Mysore University in the year 1987

“Technical education is not learning of the facts, but the training of the Mind to think”

                                                                                                                      — Albert Einstein

Cambridge Institute of Technology focuses on imparting quality education to all. We provide an opportunity to all our students to develop the qualities of global professionals. An academic platform through standardized teaching learning processes assist the students towards achieving academic excellence. At Cambridge  Institute of Technology, the students are trained on emerging technologies through Industry collaborative programmes, Real time projects and Internship opportunities through Industry sponsored labs, participate in research activities in advanced research labs. A start up ecosystem is established at the Institute for students and faculty with mentoring, training and infrastructure support to inculcate the start up culture among the young minds. Students have ample opportunities to participate in sports and extra curricular activities. Technical competencies through various clubs at the Departments. Our goal is to develop our students as technocrats who can contribute  to the society and build a sustainable eco system.