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The reasons behind the popularity of certification courses in the corporate world

Certification courses are well designed short-term training modules to enhance professional abilities. In a few months’ time, the curriculum for certification courses will be successfully completed. These short-term courses are truly educational, some of which offer a good hands-on experience. Certification courses are very much appreciated by professionals. If the hassle of working lives does not offer an opportunity to improve, only certification courses will strengthen skills and encourage career development.


Why are certification courses popular in today’s corporate life?

Most people think that the courses of certification have no useful career value. However, if you are able to obtain a certificate from a well-known institution, company or online portal, then why not do so? You might be wrong if you believe that certification courses won't help you. Certification courses are a short-term module for those who are willing to develop their skills in their respective sector or wish to change their career. Certification courses are also important for students in the required fields who want some additional qualification. So why are you required to do certification courses?

  • Take less time: Like other diploma or degree courses, you need to spend a minimum duration of one year or three years, while certification courses are available for the different time duration. Some are measured in hours and some are for months. So, in a minimum span of time, one can easily receive a certificate of desire course from a reputed platform.
  • Fees of these certificate courses: Well, many online platforms offer certification modules for free. With help of modern technology, these courses are available for free on many online educational platforms. However, for advanced certification courses you may need to pay a nominal charge for your course. Some institutes, and companies offer certification courses at affordable fees.
  • 24/7 availability: If you are willing to learn from any online portal then you will have access to it 24/7 because of the mode of education. In online classes, anyone can learn from their comfort zone at any time. But if you choose any institute for an offline certification course then you may need to wait for the batch timing and slots. But you can take admission at any time of the year.
  • Open for everyone: The certification courses are tailored for skill growth for every person. Whether you are a professional or a student, these courses are open to everyone.
  • No qualification required: These courses are open for all and don’t require any qualification. However, for professional certification courses, language English is mandatory. Most of the courses are being taught in English only. So, whoever is willing to pursue these courses must have a good knowledge of the English language. But if you are not an expert in English then don’t worry, few courses also provide English learning modules. So, basically, you don’t require any basic qualification to start your skill growth journey.
  • Mode of education: Almost every certificate course is now available on online platforms and for offline courses, no one has to quit their jobs. These easy modes of training modules helped many professionals for their career growth.

What will you expect after the certification course?

The time has changed as our way of working has changed. Most of the work done with data-driven tools is very professional. In many places the employee feels outdated due to a lack of knowledge of the life of today. Certification courses help them update their knowledge and style of work. Some of the following advantages help you to understand the importance of certification courses.

  • Skill growth: I have mentioned several times that certification courses are curated to provide desired skill growth for any individual. These courses will add an advantage to your CV and offer multiple opportunities to grow your career.
  • Career shift: Certification courses are well constructed to train beginners who are willing to change their career.
  • Promotion: With a professional certification you can expect your promotion to senior-level or you can expect a hike in salary. There are a lot of opportunities you will get after you receive certification.
  • Global recognition: A certification from a reputed and authorized platform will give you access to global recognition.

What are the certification courses Cambridge is offering for engineering students?

There are major seven certification offline courses designed to provide career growth for any professional. But here I’ll be talking about two major courses which are in high demand. We are creating skilled professionals for the future and these certification courses will give an advantage in building a career. Here is the list of certification courses we offer for individual branches,

DepartmentCertification Courses
Robotics/Machine Lea ring
Design Engineering
Data Science and Data Visualization
Computer Vision
Data Science and Data Visualization
Computer Vision
Embedded Design
Energy Storage Technologies
Power Electronics and Drives
CIVIL ENGINEERINGHigh Rise Building Design
Bridge Design
Road Design

Dr. G. Indumathi

Principal, Cambridge Institute of Technology

  • Ph.D. completed during 2012, Dr. M.G.R University Chennai
  • M.Tech Industrial Electronics from SJCE Mysore under VTU in the year 2003
  • B.E. Electronics and Communication , SJCE Mysore , Mysore University in the year 1987

Hope you are all safe and healthy during this unprecedented pandemic situation, and you continue to take care of yourselves and those around you. It is imperative that all of us continue to follow the necessary protocols as per the directives of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India.

It is a great privilege and my pleasure to welcome you to Cambridge Institute of Technology (CIT), an Institution wherein the pursuit of academic excellence is a way of life. CIT strives to provide a holistic educational experience to students to develop them into globally competent engineering and management professionals who are grounded in moral and ethical values. The entire team at CIT is committed to fostering a world class learning environment which empowers our students to become socially responsible global citizens, who are consciously aware of their roles and responsibilities to successfully overcome the grand challenges of our era.

CIT has embarked upon a transformative journey to reach greater heights and I welcome you to join us in this exciting endeavour. Let us all work together to create a sustainable future.