To the unemployed Indian Engineer: It’s time to regain your power

The Indian engineer’s degree and his/her unemployment problem has remained a topic of joke in our country for a while now. We all have that one engineer friend who is clueless about his career going forward after finishing the four year degree with much hard work and tons of stress. Have you ever wondered why engineering has become a topic of ridicule among us? An engineer identifies problems and creates the most efficient solutions for us. When did such a noble degree lose its reputation?

The unemployment rate in the engineering sector has skyrocketed to a point where people are unabashedly making fun of the engineering degree and those who aspire to become an engineer.

What could be the reason for the alarming rise in the unemployment rate?

One prominent reason for it is the massive skill gap between the industry and academia. The industries demand real time skill sets and not merely theoretical knowledge. The on-ground performance of any given engineering graduate around us would most probably be dissatisfactory.

Currently, we’ve hundreds, thousands and lakhs of engineering students in our country with a degree and no real time skills.

Thus it is the need of the hour to find a solution to this growing problem. We owe it to the engineering field to reclaim its power and reputation.

What if we tell you we’ve tackled this problem at CIT?

The Cambridge Institute of technology has initiated an additional program for all of its engineering students, from fresher’s to final years with an aim of making them industry ready. This program’s primary focus will be to enhance the employability potential of the students.

So it’s basically re-engineering the engineering education!

This program will be delivered online to the enrolled students backed by the constant assistance of the online support team. You will begin developing a technical portfolio demonstrating your skills right from day one of the college. Unlike any other regular UG student, you’ll get to work on 25x more projects designed by industry members with deep domain expertise.

The core idea of this program is to get each one of you industry ready with skills and tool knowledge.

You’ll also get an additional access to the placement counseling comprising a series of mock interviews, tool tests and much more. Apart from the college placement, the students will have the privilege to participate in an additional placement fair which becomes an added avenue to get employed.

Also, how cool is it to get a coveted certification along with a college degree?

So here are two ways of opting for this additional course to become an engineer with real time skills:

  1. You can sign up for the individual course with a duration of 3 months.
  2. You can choose the Semester assisted program under specialization. In this manner the program will be integrated with your 8 semester curriculum.


You’re free to pick the most suitable and convenient option from the two. We’ll also provide you with a detailed report of your progress during the program.

Quoting the words of the great Indian spiritual leader, Shri Chinmoy:

“Do not blame the world. Find a solution”

CIT found the solution to your problem. Are you onboard with us to rewrite the image of an engineer?