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Our day begins with instant decisions. Deciding the first meal of the day, the flavour of icecream you wish to have on a rainy evening and several mundane day to day activities demand our time and energy. Thus when it comes to making an important decision, such as the college you should join, we can only imagine the effort you’d need to invest.

When you decide on a college, you’re deciding your home for the next few crucial years of your life! Such a decision demands your undivided attention. So how do you decide? If you depend on the opinions of other people, you’ll only end up confusing yourself with a bunch of ideas. Here’s an easy way to arrive at that decision.

Check out these 9 important factors to consider while picking a college! Filter your decision based on these factors and you’ll definitely arrive at the best suitable option.

Does xyz college provide the course I wish to pursue?

Ask yourself a question, which course do I wish to pursue and take the time to understand your interests. Do not let others brainwash you into making decisions. Think for yourself. What do you see yourself doing in the future. If that’s an overwhelming question, just think about your passion and a subject that’s associated with that passion. While some people know exactly what they want to become, these people only form 5 percent of the entire population! The rest are most probably clueless or only have a vague idea about their interests. Understand that you’re one among the lakhs of students who struggles to decide on a major which will further shape your future career.

Once you know the course you want to take up, shortlist colleges who provide that particular course. Some courses are provided only by a few selective colleges. This will be the first and
foremost step.

Is the college reputed?

While applying for jobs after graduation, when the companies analyze your candidature, the college in which you studied is a factor they take into account. Also, a reputed college provides world class academic exposure.

The CIT has always remained at the forefront of providing quality education in the country and the institution’s reputation is unparalleled. The college has been ranked 7th among the emerging private engineering colleges in the entire country according to the Hansa research survey 2021. Thus make sure that the college of your choice enjoys a certain reputation in the national level or state level before finalising. After cutting down your list further through applying the reputation filter, we move on to the next important factor.

Is it an affordable choice?

All of us belong to different classes of society and accordingly, we’ve a budget in mind while deciding on a college. Filter your list of preferred colleges on the basis of the fee structure. When you join a college, the expenses don’t end after the payment of college fee. The day to day expenses of commute, accommodation, food and the mini weekend getaways, these should also be taken into consideration. We suggest you always go for the affordable option. But if your financial situation is limiting your choices, look up the scholarship programs provided by the colleges. 

Some colleges provide seats through sports quota as well. Do the required research to find out the alternate ways of dealing with your financial limitations. Afterall, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way!”

Do they provide ample placement opportunities?

The next and one of the most important filters is the availability of employment opportunities at the college. Some colleges conduct placement drives and provide their students with ample job opportunities. Always pick a college with a decent placement rate. At CIT, we not only provide incredible placement opportunities to our students, in addition to that, we train our students right  from the first year of college to work on their technical portfolio and further prepare for the interview process. The college’s association with the big giants of the industry enables the students to engage with the top industry professionals via internship programs and projects, which inturn improves their employability chances and open doors for new opportunities. We assure 100 percent placement to all of our eligible students. Thus before arriving at a decision, ensure the availability of plenty of placement opportunities.

How good are the faculty members?

Look back at your school days, out of the top 5 awesome experiences, one of them would most definitely be linked to your favourite teacher! Such is the influence of a good teacher. There’s a saying that,
‘What a teacher writes on the blackboard of life can never be erased!’
So, without a doubt, it is of utmost importance that you do the necessary background checks to understand the teaching faculty members of your department at the shortlisted colleges. Their qualifications, total experience and their reputation should be taken into consideration before arriving at a decision. CIT never compromises on the quality of our teaching faculty. Our well qualified and experienced faculty members ensure the growth of each student at an all round level.

How’s the college library?

After your lecturer, the next best teacher is a good book. You should take advantage of the library at a college, because they stack hundreds and thousands of books which are decades old and contain knowledge not possible to be acquired from anywhere else. These learnings will broaden your perspective, help you develop ideas and grow as a student as well as an individual. Notice how many of the shortlisted colleges contain libraries with countless books, papers, journals and more!

A vast library spread across three floors, neatly stacked with 30,000 plus books, research papers, subject related magazines and much more reading material, the CIT campus pays special attention to our student’s growing intellect.

Where’s the college located?

Colleges might be located either in a prime location or in the outskirts of any given city. Based on your preferences, you can decide if the location is best suited for your academic interests. The climatic conditions, the proximity to your house or in case you’re relocating, the nearby railway station or bus stand or airport and also, the options to have fun off campus. These are all filters you’d need to cut the list further.

The CIT campus is located in the outskirts of the city, with a climate most suitable for an academic experience in par with the leading educational institutions of the country. It’s an opportunity to become one with education and separating yourself from the distractions of the city. A mere 20 minute weekend drive will take you to the urban side of the city, ensuring our students don’t miss out entirely on the fun activities they wish to engage in once in a while.

Campus environment and other facilities

Look around the campus and understand the campus environment. Sometimes, even when our rationality sides with the pros of the choice, we might not feel entirely satisfied with certain college campuses. Everybody thrives and grows in an environment best suited to them. What has worked for others, might not work for you. Even though this factor doesn’t demand a lot of your attention, if you consider it, it’ll allow you to arrive at a decision that satisfies your interests. Also, take a note of the facilities provided, such as the laboratories, classrooms, hallways, canteens, hostels and several others. This step would ensure that you’re attaining the quality academic experience you deserve. The lush green CIT campus is spread over 16 acres, accommodating well equipped hostels, state of the art labs, spacious classrooms, R&D centre, football court and a lot more.

Focus on co-curricular activities

If you decide to spend years of your life in a certain college, academics shouldn’t be the sole point of focus. While the academic side should be given priority, students should have enough opportunities to explore their artistic side too. You should be given the option of engaging in co-curricular activities, such as fests, competitions, exhibitions, sports etc. Such activities willenable you to maintain a stress free mindset throughout.

The students at Cambridge Institute of Technology participate in several fests, fun workshops, exhibitions and several activities to maintain a balance between academics and co-curricular activities. We encourage our students to take part in a number of sports activities such as volleyball, football, basketball, cricket etc.

Our decisions have the ability to determine our destiny. So decide wisely. Analyse the colleges of your interest through a set of these questions and observe the result you end up with. While logic is important, do not ignore your intuitions! We hope you make the best decisions to lay the stepping stones to a successful career.

Dr. G. Indumathi

Principal, Cambridge Institute of Technology

  • Ph.D. completed during 2012, Dr. M.G.R University Chennai
  • M.Tech Industrial Electronics from SJCE Mysore under VTU in the year 2003
  • B.E. Electronics and Communication , SJCE Mysore , Mysore University in the year 1987

Hope you are all safe and healthy during this unprecedented pandemic situation, and you continue to take care of yourselves and those around you. It is imperative that all of us continue to follow the necessary protocols as per the directives of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India.

It is a great privilege and my pleasure to welcome you to Cambridge Institute of Technology (CIT), an Institution wherein the pursuit of academic excellence is a way of life. CIT strives to provide a holistic educational experience to students to develop them into globally competent engineering and management professionals who are grounded in moral and ethical values. The entire team at CIT is committed to fostering a world class learning environment which empowers our students to become socially responsible global citizens, who are consciously aware of their roles and responsibilities to successfully overcome the grand challenges of our era.

CIT has embarked upon a transformative journey to reach greater heights and I welcome you to join us in this exciting endeavour. Let us all work together to create a sustainable future.