Campus Life at Cambridge Institute of Technology

With a strong emphasis on holistic development of students, Cambridge Institute of Technology ensure that the campus life is always vibrant and lively. The Institute also believes in the idea that students who get exposure to a multitude of activities are more successful in later life in comparison to those who are too absorbed with the conventional rote learning mannerisms. The Institute organizes a wide array of activities and events to make the students experience a vibrant college life, beyond classrooms. Below is a list of different areas in which Cambridge Institute of Technology has an excellent campus life:

Cultural Events

Every student is talented in their own unique way. On one hand, some students might be confident and willing to demonstrate their skills, on the other hand, their might be some very talented students who need encouragement to come out of their shell. The faculty at the Cambridge Institute of Technology take special care in motivating the students to help them showcase their skills and feel confident about themselves. The Institute has a very diverse student community and hence, all the major festivals are celebrated with great enthusiasm. The Institute also celebrates its own annual cultural extravaganza, Chiguru, which has numerous activities planned for maximum student involvement.

Social Outreach programs

The Cambridge Institute of Technology frequently organizes Social Outreach Programs for its students with the motive of raising awareness about various issues prevalent in the society. This initiative enables them to understand the challenges faced by certain sectors in the society and for which, as responsible citizens, it is our duty to work for the same. Through these Social Outreach Programs, the aspiring engineers can wor for the betterment of the society by attempting to find solutions face by the people.

Sports Activities

Active participation in any sports is beneficial in maintaining a healthy and fit life for students. Hence, the Cambridge Institute of Technology has a state-of-the-art sports infrastructure. The Institute pays special attention in organizing and conducting sports activities for its students. The well-equipped sporting facility with experienced coaches is an advantage for those students who have athletic interests. The Institute focuses on recreational and leisure activities for students to ensure their physical and mental well-being.

Seminars & Workshops

The Institute supports students by providing them appropriate guidance that will assist them in enhancing their skills. This prepares them to be confident enough to overcome the hurdles that they might confront in their professional life. The Cambridge Institute of Technology organizes workshops, seminars, industrial visits, educational tours and panel discussions on a regular basis and encourages active participation and healthy discussion among students. These activities also widen their perspective and provides an advanced outlook towards the world.

Student Clubs

The Cambridge Institute of Technology has several different clubs and societies for students. The purpose of these societies and clubs is to promote interaction and at the same time allow them to take off their minds from the academics and invest time in something that they are interested in. The club members have frequent meet-ups, practice sessions and discussions which offers them sufficient scope to know each other and have strong bonds with other members of the community. There are technical clubs in which students who are inclined towards academics can participate and then there are also cultural clubs which will let the art enthusiasts dabble in music, fine arts, theatre, dance and other mind-soothing activities. The student clubs let them explore new interests, converse with new people and enhance the overall learning experience.

A rich activity-packed campus life is very important for every student. Not only the students get to have a cheerful college life with unforgettable memories, but they also benefit immensely from a vibrant campus life. Bangalore has numerous reputed educational institutes that offer a wide array of MBA courses. Cambridge Institute of Technology is among the noted educational institute offering quality education in the State of Karnataka. Ideally located on a verdant ten acres overlooking Krishnarajapuram, and 200 mts off old Madras Road, the college is accessible to all the important areas of Bangalore. Recognized by the Govt. Of Karnataka, an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Institute, Cambridge Institute of Technology encourages experiential learning for its students by providing state-of-the-art infrastructure, the best amenities and facilities on campus. The Institute offers innovative MBA programs that prepare students to be successful leaders and managers in their respective fields. The placement cell at the Institute rigorously works towards providing a platform for its students where they can get suitable internships, as per their skill-sets. The International Technology Park and Bio-Tech park from esteemed neighbors to the picturesque Campus form the natural choice for students pursuing knowledge in an environment conducive to both their internal as well as external harmony and growth. With a holistic environment for comprehensive learning, Cambridge Institute of Technology has the best educational methodologies which made it Qualify NAAC Accreditation criteria.