Career Opportunities after MCA Program

After the under-graduation is completed, students are often in dilemma of selecting a relevant field to pursue their post-graduation. When it comes to finding a field related to the computer application, then the program Master of Computer Applications (MCA) is of great value. Offered by all the leading institutes, it is an excellent program that leads to multiple career opportunities. The MCA program is of three years duration, six semesters in all. A professional degree course, it awards a Master’s degree to students on completion. The program has been structured to overcome the challenges faced by the Information Technology industry due to lack of trained professionals.  Students can apply for the MCA course once they complete their undergraduate degree. The MCA program focuses more on Application Development and the latest programming languages, tools and technology to develop applications with better speed and efficiency.

If you are interested in knowing about all the possible career opportunities that an MCA graduate will be eligible to apply, then this article is just what you are looking for:

In the modern era driven by technology, MCA graduates get multiple opportunities in various leading international organizations. A student who has completed his or her MCA can work as a:

1.Software Developer/Programmer/Engineer:

If you have an inclination towards designing, installing, testing and maintaining the software systems, then you are the right candidate to become a Software Developers. Your role will also include providing IT services as per the client requirements and designing the system to cater to those specific needs. The job requires both coding skills as well as creativity.

2. Software Application Architect:

As a Software Application Architect, you will be required to showcase your decision-making skills in matters concerning high-level in Architecture and design of IT products or services. You will also have to work on drafting technical guidelines and protocols such as software coding standards, tools and platforms. To increases the efficiency of your job, you will be using different software architectural models.

3. Troubleshooter:

To describe a Troubleshooter, it is apt to say that they are the lifeline of any organization. Their job is to ensure that the technology is conveniently accessible to everyone who needs them. Whether it is an issue in the hardware or software, troubleshooters immediately attend to it. They resolve the issue to ensure that the business deliverables are on time.

4. Software Consultant:

Being a Consultant is a highly rewarding job. The task list of a software consultant includes the responsibility of evaluating business processes and provide software solutions and other feedback to improve the overall business efficiency. The solutions that a Consultant provides should be cost-effective.

5. Hardware Engineer:

An individual who enjoys working with computer hardware such as hard disk, wires, circuit boards, computer chips, printers, keyboards, routers, and so on can go on to become a Hardware Engineer. Whether it is the challenge of installing and testing the systems or ensuring that the internet functions well, a Hardware Engineer takes care of it all.

6. Technical Writer:

For those people who have an interest in technology and also have excellent creative writing skills, then technical writing is the right field for you. A technical writer needs to draft and maintain technical documents such as product description, User Guides/Manuals, Design specifications, White Papers, Project Plan and others.

Being an IT hub, Bangalore has numerous reputed educational institutes that offer uniquely designed MCA courses. Cambridge Institute of Technology is among the pioneer in when it comes to the providers of quality education in the State of Karnataka. The MCA program offered at the Cambridge Institute of Technology is considered among the best MCA colleges in Bangalore and it is an attempt to impart quality learning experience to the students and create such professionals who are qualified enough to work as a team and are indispensable for any organization.  Ideally located on a verdant 10 acres overlooking Krishnarajapuram, and 200 mts off old Madras Road, the college is accessible to all the important areas of Bangalore. Recognized by the Govt. Of Karnataka, an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Institute, the institute encourages experiential learning for its students by providing state-of-the-art infrastructure, the best amenities and facilities on campus. The International Technology Park and Bio-Tech park from esteemed neighbors to the picturesque Campus form the natural choice for students pursuing knowledge in an environment conducive to both their internal as well as external harmony and growth. With a holistic environment for comprehensive learning, the Institute has the best educational methodologies which made it Qualify NAAC Accreditation criteria.