Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav Swachhta Pakhwada Day-3


Clean Air, water and hygienic surroundings contributes to the overall cleanliness of an environment. The increasing rate of pollution has degraded the quality of these resources, resulting in the decline of our physical and mental health. Planting trees and nourishing them is the best solution to preserve the air quality and conserve water resources.

In this regard, saplings were planted within the college campus making the campus greener. 

The saplings were planted by the HODs and faculty members of all the departments. This activity was organized with the aim to move towards a better nature and eventually, a better earth.


At present, the world as a whole is experiencing an extremely tough time due to the Pandemic. People from all walks of life have been affected by the rapid spread of COVID-19. We’re still not free from the shackles of the disease due to the lack of undertaking necessary precautions.

With the intention of spreading awareness about the pandemic and educate the people about vaccination and precautions to be taken, an online quiz was organized for the staff and students of the Cambridge Institute of Technology on COVID-19.

The quiz scheduled for just 30 minutes began at 9am and came to an end by 12.30pm. Students and staff members participated in large numbers and reaped the benefits of the successful event.


As a continuation of the Cleanliness drive, waste was segregated from all the departments at CIT on 2 nd September 2021. Huge amounts of paper and plastic waste wastes were collected. Such waste materials can be recycled and reused, thus eliminating the waste generated in the campus.

The students and faculty members from each department joined hands in the segregation activity to ensure the proper disposal, recycle and reuse of the waste components.


Model making paves way to the birth of imagination and new creative ideas in students. The first year students of CIT created an excellent aircraft model and received huge round of applause from the rest of the students and faculty members.


Prof. Bhaskar from the NSS unit of RV College of Engineering, Bengaluru, presented a webinar for CIT students on Awareness of all aspects of Swachhta- Personal,Physical and Mental. The topic of the webinar sheds light on the need to focus on personal, physical and mental cleanliness to ensure the well being of the entire society. The growing population of youngsters is responsible to maintain the moral and ethical values of our community. It is essential to maintain both discipline and cleanliness in thought, work and deed.

The speaker explained various alternative methods which can be adopted to minimize the waste generated and thereby reducing unnecessary expenses. The necessity of personal, physical and mental hygiene was engraved in the minds of students with the hope to motivate them in cultivating healthy habits and create a bright future for them.