IP Right and IP management for Start-Up

The webinar was presented by our Dean R & D, Dr. Antony Louis Piriyakumar who comprehensively covered all the nuances of Intellectual Property Rights and Management which is the need of the hour. As we all know that our country is well known in product development and innovation in a very unique way since ages but we have failed to protect our intellectual rights which has proved to be advantageous to many western countries at least on few essential commodities. This sort of negligence should not happen anymore in future and we know that our governments both central and state has come out with lot of initiatives not only on innovation or innovative thinking but also in protecting our intellectual rights at least to be on par with the kind of developments take place in other part of the world.

The webinar was informative and we were made known of the intricacies and the significance involved in going for patents which is definitely a big recognition for the hard work/effort put in by researchers, product developers and entrepreneurs.

The webinar was open for all faculty and students and at the end of the presentation there was an interactive session where queries from the participants were answered by the speaker to their satisfaction. It was a wonderful and meaningful experience and was well received by the participants.