Life at Cambridge

We at Cambridge Group of Institutions want our students’ time with us to be as rewarding as it can get, resulting in a life-changing experience, filled with opportunities to transform and expand the mind, attitude, beliefs and social connections through strong networking that will build their careers ahead.

Be it the in-campus accommodation, safe & secure separate Hostel Facilities for boys and girls, hygiene Canteen where nutritious food is cooked and served, Library & Sports Facilities are some of the most essential services that students can enjoy. We are also proud of our faculty’s diversity and commitment in providing an inclusive and safer campus community for everyone.

Cambridge Group of Institutions as a responsive and responsible education institution supports gender equality & diversity and provides equal professional development opportunities for young men & women.

chiguru fest cit

Clubs & Student Societies

Joining a club is a great way to network with fellow students, share your interests and make friends on-campus. Other then individual department Clubs, there are several extra-curricular clubs for music, dance and art. 

life at cambridge

Support Services

To help students stay on top, we provide a wealth of student support services, including Knowledge Partnership Programmes, Training, Faculty support to students who wish to have a one-on-one training, Guest Lectures, Industry Visits, Workshops and more. 

chiguru fest cit

Chiguru - MEGA Cultural Festival

Chiguru – the Annual Engineering Intercollegiate Cultural Fest has a legacy of sorts as it completes its 10th edition, and is the most awaited annual event by Engineering students across Bengaluru.


Sports – Active participation in sport will boost the physical and mental well-being of the students. We organise sports events to demonstrate the enthusiasm of our students in sport. Our students receive every facility that is required to excel in sport.