My Success Story-Motivational Talk by a successful entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship and building enterprises are the need of the hour. This in the best way to enhance the growth and development of the nations as well as to augment national economy. We at Cambridge Institute of Technology strive hard to create students to become employers than seeking employment. As a part of our policy in shaping students’ entrepreneurs, we have been conducting many programmes and initiatives for students and faculty in inculcating entrepreneurial acumen and extend full support to become successful entrepreneurs.

Mr. Preetham M, Chartered Engineer and a Licensed Contractor (KPWD /BBMP) is one of our student to have become a successful entrepreneur and is doing extremely well. Likewise our institution has a strong history of nurturing students to become successful entrepreneurs.

Mr. Preetham had kindly consented to further motivate all our aspiring students and faculty towards entrepreneurship and the session was attended by around 200 students and faculty which was informative and beneficial to students. He covered all the aspects and nuances of entrepreneurship, how to thing big and meaningful, traits required for entrepreneurs, tips for success and of course his experience (ups and downs) he faced in the business. Today he a very successful and sought after entrepreneur and it befits our fortune of utilizing his services to motivate our aspiring budding future entrepreneurs of tomorrow.


Welcome Address                : Dr. Suneel Kumar Kulkarni, Professor  & HoD – ME

Introduction of Speaker      :  Punith Kumar, Asst. Professor, ME

Key Note Speaker                 : Mr. Preetham M, Entrepreneur

Vote of Thanks                      : Dr. Shankar S, Professor & President IIC-CiTech

Profile of the speaker Mr. Preetham M

He Obtained Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering in the year 2017 from Cambridge Institute of Technology, VTU, obtained his MBA degree from Gitam university in 2020. Presently he held a CHARTERED ENGINEER, Licensed Contractor (K.P.W.D /B.B.M.P.), and positions like Founder and Prop ( Timestamp India) , Director of Marketing and HOC for Adinan global energy services private limited and Director for Venlite Energy Limited.


Winner of Aeonian 18 as the IoT Startup of the year for Venlite energy Limited