We Create Opportunities & Help You Spearhead Your Career

High-quality industry interphase is crucial for any Education Institution today, Colleges need to constantly reinvent & upgrade their methodologies, systems and processes for effective interaction with industry. Keeping this as our motto, our HR team strives towards focussed efforts to help our graduates begin their career with great opportunities where their skills match the job profile.

The crowning glory of any Educational Institution today is Placements. The robust Human Resource Department (HRD) at Cambridge Institute of Technology is highly spoken of. The Department’s vision is to provide our students with relevant and conceptualized professional skills thus guiding them to a great future.

The structure of the job market has changed in over the years with technology taking a very important core position in any career in any industry. We are seeing some great game changers in the recruitment space. With acceleration and shift of global trends, sourcing of high quality candidates for key roles will continue to be significant thus making the task equally challenging for students and the HRD team.

To overcome this issue, most of the institutions have established HRD with an objective to facilitate the stake holders (students) to develop their personal and organizational skills, knowledge, and abilities so as to enhance their personality as well as to help them in getting placed in an excellent organization.

Training of students and equipping them with the right set of skills – technical and life thus developing a holistic personality is one of the core competencies that the HRD focusses on.

HRD facilitates exchange of ideas amongst students, faculty, and the industry. The prime objective of this department is to strengthen the relationship between the institute and industry resulting in a mutually beneficial partnership.

As a facilitator between academics and the corporates, HRD creates distinct spill-over benefits  to young minds to be disciplined, dedicated and determined so that in future they will confidently, capably and undoubtedly steer organizations towards growth, prosperity and excellence dynamically.

With a major shift in the recruiting paradigm, the HRD at Cambridge Institute of Technology focuses on treating its students as customers thus bringing a whole new set of buzzwords and new recruiting trends.

Our Placement model is in a four stage process: Pre Placement activities, Career Guidance, Executing Placement and Post Placement reviews.