ICT Facilities

Technology has become an integral part of the institution. The recent pandemic challenged the existing IT infrastructure in most of the educational institutions. The institute has been taking many initiatives on regular basis to improvise the IT infrastructure. The computers are purchased on a regular basis to replace the old computer systems. In addition, server is being continuously upgraded due to the changing requirements on social media and web interface.

In addition, the internet facility which is a backbone of IT infrastructure is being upgraded on a continuous basis due to increased dependency on web-based transactions and activities. The institute has a strong digital marketing team which monitors the social media presence of the institute.

All the classrooms are equipped with LCD projectors and in the recent past each department has a smart panel through which hybrid mode of classes were effectively conducted. The institute also had subscription to LMS during online classes which ensured smooth conduction of teaching and learning process. IT infrastructure is maintained by IT team headed by IT admin.

A few of the initiatives of upgrading IT infrastructure is mentioned below:

• Internet bandwidth is enhanced from 80 Mbps to 130 Mbps in year 2017-18, Later it was enhanced to 300 Mbps in the beginning of 2020 and further enhanced to 530 Mbps (500Mbps TATA leased line + 30Mbps BSNL broadband) in November 2020.

• The institute has overall 1146 computers and 12 laptops in labs, computer centre and digital library to ensure smooth conduct of academic, teaching-learning and internet access.

• The entire campus including classrooms, labs, examination section, administrative office, library, hostels, staff rooms etc., are connected through Local Area Network (LAN) for effective and uninterrupted usage of the internet.

• The Wi-Fi network has 68 access points deployed across the campus (Academic blocks and hostel blocks) for 24X7 internet service.

• 10 labs/lecture halls are equipped with 65-inch Smart Interactive panel to facilitate blended mode of teaching.

• The institute has 74 LCD projectors installed in various labs and class rooms which encourage technical presentations by the students and faculty to assist the smooth flow of teaching learning process.

• Institution has provided 63 digital writing pads to faculty exclusively for online teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic.

• Institute has Online Learning Management System (LMS) through Olympus Great Learning platform. This platform was used extensively for the conduction of online classes during the pandemic.

• The college has 61 printers/printer-cum-scanner and 3 reprographic machines at all the departments, library, examination section and administrative office.

• 02 servers (IBM 3100.M5 server and Dell power edgeT430 servers) are available for uninterrupted Wi-Fi, CCTV monitoring and LAN services.

• The institute has 15 licensed software and 38 open source software used in various departments, library and administrative office.

• To ease the official communication, staff and students are provided with individual official e-mail IDs under the domain name cambridge.edu.in using Google apps.

• Library is fully automated with an Integrated Library Management Software – LIBSOFT.


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