The engineers are driving global growth in times of technological dominance. At Cambridge Technology Institute, we nurture budding engineers and nurture their imagination into innovation.

Under the guidance of our R & D Dean (Prof.D.Antony Louis Piriyakumar), our prestigious research & development department is flourishing every year. He is an IITM alumnus with 25+ years of experience in industrial and academic research, PhD in robotic vision, from the Stuttgart University of Germany.

The R&D infrastructure of all 9 engineering sectors provides faculty and students with the greatest experience to attain an infinite vision of technology development. Our mission is to promote the value of scientific research and development in the mind of students.

Based on the key findings from WEF and IEEE, 16 top technologies are identified and grouped which catapult all efforts undertaken in a focused and dedicated manner. At Cambridge Institute of Technology, we encourage the volition of innovation and creation of the faculty members and students. We enlarge the avail of research and development for young minds. Enthusiastic participation from the faculties and students will propel us to heights unimaginable.

R & D Dean's Message

” I welcome aspiring youths to join our institution to realize their ambition, objectives and achieve higher goals through higher education.”

Prof.D.Antony Louis Piriyakumar

R & D Dean, Cambridge Institutions of Technology

We welcome each aspiring engineer with his innovative ideas at the Cambridge Institute of Technology. Our faculties have PhD degrees in several fields of engineering and we extend our reach to various engineering fields with the support and cooperation of our faculty members and students.

Last year our faculties and students filed 4 patents in the area of nanotechnology, 3D printing, information security and medical imaging. We never restricted the blooming mind of our young engineers. Even during pandemic times, our enthusiastic students participate to find the solution to overcome the shortage of ventilators, disinfectant etc. They designed, developed and tested working prototypes of a ventilator, disinfection tunnel, fumigator, automatic disinfection liquid sprayer among other interesting innovations.