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Infrastructure is the backbone of an institute. CIT has the better infrastructure to structure the student’s career. The campus is widespread of an area of 12.5 Sq.ft.

We ensure & strive towards a continual investment in our infrastructure & facilities for staff & students so that the learning and living experience at Cambridge Institute of Technology is always the best there can be.

The campus provides cutting-edge platforms to increase engineering excellence & depth in research & knowledge in students to help them hone their skills. Not only are the students amazed and fond of studying at CIT, but the parents also feel the confidence that the children have a brighter future ahead by starting their journey at CIT.

Library & Information Center

The library is an open book to gain knowledge on our own. Our Central Library has been in action since 2007, with a carpet area of 25,000 Sq.Ft. The primary objective of the library is to support the academic fraternity. It provides access to both physical and digital content.  The library is well-furnished, with a comprehensive collection of books, journals, e-Journals, project reports of Engineering, Humanities, and Management. All in-house operations are computerized acquisition, cataloging, classification, book transactions, email alerts, and more. The library facilitates more than 29976 books, 400 Bound Volumes, 1681 Project Reports, 2387 CDs / DVDs, 45 Print Journals, 7767 Question Papers (PDF). At any point in time, 250 members can be seated.

Lecture Halls

A classroom is one of the spots where they learn and build their knowledge. We have a pretty good classroom area with a smartboard and other facilities. The classrooms are spacious and well-maintained. The table and desk are well-furnished to comfort the students to gain knowledge.


Gathering for special occasions is always fun, but we need space for gatherings. CIT has a massive auditorium for conducting special events on special days for celebration. Our college auditorium is quite large and accommodates more than 250 students. We coordinate every event and program with a large audience in our auditorium. We also have seminar halls for conducting workshops, conferences, and more. 

Conference hall

The conference hall is necessary to conduct conferences, seminars, and workshops for a massive amount of people. Decisions and planning happen peacefully with faculties or meets between students and faculties. 

The conference hall furnished with international level facilities helps the students and staff with more opportunity to learn more with a massive people. The seminar hall is well-equipped with a balanced audio-visual system


A full-fledged Transport department functions in the college to provide Hassle-Free and safe transportation facilities for the Students and Staff from various places in and around the city. The Number of Buses will be Increased corresponding to the increase in the intake of students.


Fitness is the key to perfection and concentration. CIT provides a Gym for the students to maintain their health and fitness. We have all the advanced equipment for the students to work out for each part of the body. The gym facility is open for all the students. We assigned a separate coach for the gym, and it is taken care of by the sports department.


The students are about to relax from their academics. CIT support sports with a well-equipped sports center and the Department of Physical education. We give significance to Sports, so we have indoor and outdoor sports. 

Outdoor Sporting Facilities

The Outdoor sports facilities are 110 yards multipurpose ground, Volleyball court, Throw ball court, Ball Badminton Court & Basketball Court. In addition to that, we have a 200-meter running track, Football court, Hockey court, Softball, and Multiple Athletic events.  These help the students to take a break from academics and relax to gain back their concentration. Physical activities make the students build a healthiness.

Indoor Sporting Facilities

The hall for indoor sports is pretty large and contains Table tennis, Carom, and Chess. Indoor sports also help the students to refresh their day and build the energy to learn more. The students spend their break time chilling with their fellow students.


For an educational institution, the hostel facility is very much needed. CIT never lowers the standard in hostel facilities. It has two blocks of hostels, one for boys and another for girls separately. The accommodation can accommodate almost 400 students to stay comfortably. The food is prepared hygienically and served perfectly on time in a massive hall. We never compromise with the food and cleanliness of the hostel.

We have well-patterned rules and regulations for the students to follow. The parents need not worry about their children as we provide security and service like a second home. We have better-experienced wardens and security guards to keep our students safe.


Rather than theoretical knowledge, practical knowledge is essential for the students to learn the concepts in depth. Intense knowledge gain can be obtained only by the form of practice. Cambridge Institute of Technology has a wide range of laboratory which functions with all kinds of equipment. Different labs with different features are available in CIT. Once students started learning their best, practically. Then they can understand the complex concepts more readily.

College Canteen

A place, the students to create memories with their friends and chill. Cambridge Institute of Technology has several canteens and cafeterias in different spots on the campus for the students. These canteen facilities are hygienic and maintain cleanliness. A variety of eatables and juices are freshly available.

Medical Centre

The Medical center is also available at Cambridge Institute of Technology in an emergency. All kinds of primary tablets and first-aid boxes are available at CIT medical center. Health is the priority we give to students.