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10 Reasons to go to CIT

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

These are the words of the great leader and a greater human Nelson Mandela. Educating people is the only way to achieve progress and greatness. If education is such a prominent factor in our lives, shouldn’t it be acquired from a worthy place?

The Cambridge Institute of Technology since its establishment in the year 2007 by Umesh Education Trust has come a long way. We’ve grown leaps and bounds, becoming a reputed institute renowned for the quality education imparted in a world class ecosystem. At CIT, we promise greatness.

Here’s why you should go to CIT :

1. Learning beyond textbooks!

Gone are the days, when our entire evenings were occupied with memorizing what we studied
the given day at college. The world has come to the realization that education is an experience to
learn novel concepts and ideas so that you develop the capability to innovate and grow in life. At
CIT, we don’t let our syllabus restrict the students to textbooks alone. Our students thrive on real
time examples, experiments and experiences. The students are handed over real time project
challenges in the laboratories. Our arms are wide open to welcome mistakes, we motivate our
students to make mistakes and learn from them every day of their learning journey here. We
create a drive in our students to follow their domain of interest passionately with the aim to
consistently grow.

2. A zero waste, green and sustainable campus

Waste management and recycling are two prominent issues faced by humanity as a whole at the
global level. At CIT, we believe in undertaking socially responsible actions. The CIT campus is a
plastic free, zero waste zone, aligned with the United Nations sustainable development goals. We
have banned single use plastics entirely inside the campus, be it classrooms, cafeteria, hostels or
any other place. The waste generated in the campus is not sent to landfill as mixed waste. The
dry waste is sent for recycling, wet waste is composted in the required manner and the rejected
waste is processed in a scientific manner. The sustainability initiatives of CIT is an integral part
of our institutional culture. We aim to build an educational ecosystem which is responsible and
adds value to the lives of our students.

3. Dedicated teaching Faculty, the backbone of CIT.

Quoting Karl Meninger, ‘What the teacher is, is more important than what he teaches’. Each
member of the CIT teaching faculty is carefully chosen to further contribute to the growth of the
family. Our teaching faculty comprises subject matter experts who are entirely dedicated to the
art of teaching. Each of them hold years of experience and are well aware of student behaviour.
Students feel extremely comfortable approaching the teaching faculty to clarify doubts regarding
lectures, class discussions, projects etc. The teachers develop a healthy rapport with the students
and often mentor them towards achieving the growth they desire. A teacher is capable of creating
miracles in a student’s life, our teachers are constantly striving towards creating miracles
everyday in classrooms.

4. World class infrastructure

15 acres of lush green campus with immaculate and well resourced cafeteria, suitably facilitated
hostels, smart classrooms and laboratories with cutting edge technologies in par with the leading
institutes, the infrastructure of the campus is of superior quality and class. Under the Research
and Development wing, there’re 7 centres facilitated for each engineering department. The centre

has sponsored research and also funded projects of over more than $25000 USD. The Cambridge
tinkering lab enables the students to explore their innovative ideas and work on them real time.
Each department has an individual library stacked with books, research papers and other
reference materials. Spacious seminar halls and innovation labs for technical competitions,
workshops, etc, we ensure our students are educated in a superior academic environment.

5. Certificate Programs

Every student has to sign up for at least one certificate program during each semester. A number
of certificate programs are offered by each of the departments of engineering from which the
student shall pick the most suitable one. At the end of the four year course, along with the
degree certificate, they also have additional certificates to support their profile and thereby boost
employability. These programs are also an excellent source of knowledge for the students.
Students are familiarised with the latest technological advancements and skill sets through these
initiatives. Also, to lessen the financial burden on our students, our department reimburses 50
percent of the fee paid for the certification program.

6. Specialization Courses :

Take a look around, you’d find at least one engineer in every single family and 80 percent of
these engineers would be unemployed. The gap that exists between industry and academia has
led to a rise in the unemployment rate of engineers in our country. It’s unfortunate, but how long
are we gonna sulk about the problem at hand? CIT found solutions. Each engineering course we
offer has three specialization courses under it. These courses enable the students to identify their
interests at an early phase of their career, work on a detailed technical portfolio and receive
exclusive job oriented training. The students who sign up for specialization courses will most
definitely increase their chances of getting employed. These students also get to participate in an
exclusive placement drive participated by the industrial giants.

7. Talent transformation hub

This initiative undertaken by CIT aims to equip each and every student with industry and
entrepreneurial skills. The students are imparted thorough practical and technical training which
leads to a rise in the employability potential of the candidates. The TTH is accessible from 1st
years to 3rd year students. This program guarantees the holistic development of the students. The
hub focuses on developing the technical, aptitude, communication, digital and several other skills
of the students. The TTH provided an additional avenue to it’s students to acquire placement
opportunities, where big names of the industry, such as Accenture, Rakuten, Adobe, Capgemini
and others arrive for recruitment.

8. Exposure to diverse cultures from across the nation and abroad

At CIT, the student crowd is extensively multicultural. From West Bengal to Tamil Nadu, we’ve
students arriving from all over the country to study with us and transform their lives. Lot of
international students also join the institution through several student exchange programs. We
foster an environment that accommodates a varied crowd, enabling them to create a home to
grow together at CIT. The fests and other events at college provide the students with a platform
to gather, forget the differences and unite. The exposure to different cultures broadens a student’s
perspective, improves awareness and fuels the overall growth of their personality.

9. Co-curricular activities : college isn’t just about academics.

At CIT, we encourage our students to strike a balance between academics and co-curricular
activities. Not like, we don’t make learning fun. But we believe in the overall development of a
student. Our students engage in sports such as basketball, volleyball, football, cricket and many
others. The engineering students all over bengaluru eagerly wait for the annual inter collegiate
cultural fest, Chiguru. Along with the clubs for each individual department, we’ve several other
extra curricular clubs for music, dance and other artistic activities. A number of departments
conduct intuit, the tech fest, where students showcase their projects and get rewarded for their work. The MBA wing of the college conducts an inter college fest annually for the students to
exhibit their entrepreneurship and leadership skills. Another year long event, Lokahitha, is held
at CIT to develop a sense of social responsibility in our students. They engage in social impact
events as a part of the programme.

10. Associations with industrial giants, get hired by your dream company!

CIT has partnered with a number of global giants, who dominate the field of engineering, in
order to carry out internships, training programs, projects and other similar initiatives. We also
have long term MOU’s with several MNC’s, namely, Altacit Global, Infosys Campus Connect
program, Oracle Certification Program, Google Apps by Ganymade solutions, Wipro’s Mission-
10X programme and many more. 100% percent placement is assured to all the well performing
students. The internship opportunities also allow the students to network with industry
professionals and improve their employability chances.
Among the 2020th batches, a number of our students got hired in international companies.
Estimating the previous batch records, we’re more than proud to state that the highest package
secured by our students was 22LPA.

Now, we challenge you to go ahead and find one reason to not go to CIT! Jokes apart, deciding
which college to attend after schooling isn’t easy for any student. Afterall, you’re making a life
changing decision and moving towards your career path. We hope you make the best decision
possible. If you choose to join the CIT family, we’d gladly accompany you in this crucial

Dr. G. Indumathi

Principal, Cambridge Institute of Technology

  • Ph.D. completed during 2012, Dr. M.G.R University Chennai
  • M.Tech Industrial Electronics from SJCE Mysore under VTU in the year 2003
  • B.E. Electronics and Communication , SJCE Mysore , Mysore University in the year 1987

Hope you are all safe and healthy during this unprecedented pandemic situation, and you continue to take care of yourselves and those around you. It is imperative that all of us continue to follow the necessary protocols as per the directives of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India.

It is a great privilege and my pleasure to welcome you to Cambridge Institute of Technology (CIT), an Institution wherein the pursuit of academic excellence is a way of life. CIT strives to provide a holistic educational experience to students to develop them into globally competent engineering and management professionals who are grounded in moral and ethical values. The entire team at CIT is committed to fostering a world class learning environment which empowers our students to become socially responsible global citizens, who are consciously aware of their roles and responsibilities to successfully overcome the grand challenges of our era.

CIT has embarked upon a transformative journey to reach greater heights and I welcome you to join us in this exciting endeavour. Let us all work together to create a sustainable future.