Inauguration of Sir M V Auditorium and first year BE 2022-23 batch

From being a humble politician to building magnificent educational empire in span of two decades, the journey of D K Mohan, Chairman of Cambridge Group of Institutions (CGI), is admirable.   Sharing his interesting journey in educational sector at the inauguration of Sir M V auditorium and first year BE 2022-23 classes, he said that […]

How to find an internship that suits your skills and interests

There are many advances in believing that an internship is a pathway to permanent employment and experience. It is not easy for one to work on all different domains, not on the list of interests and skills. Sometimes employers will also struggle to hire the right intern for the job position. Most of the companies […]

Usage of LinkedIn for Students

More than 100 million professionals are networked on LinkedIn. Students may update their status on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and listed. But, they also need to give attention to professional social media called LinkedIn, which aids in improving connection to the professional world.  You can use LinkedIn to fetch job opportunities, freelancing, […]

How do Engineers become successful Entrepreneurs?

Graduation rates of engineers are rising every year. The craze for being an engineer never goes down, and the demand for engineers is always getting higher till technology grows.  The setup of start-up culture is creating history in entrepreneurship. Engineering graduates and drop-outs have a lot of competitive ideas that help them start their own […]

Toycathon 2021

Cambridge Institute of Technology students from the ISE department got a cash prize of 25,000/- in TOYCATHON 2021 at Netaji Subhas University of Technology, New Delhi.  Under the Aatma Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyan, TOYCATHON -2021 came up with an idea to challenge India’s Innovative minds to conceptualize novel toys and games based on Bharthiya Civilization, history, culture, […]

CIT’s Integrated Approach in Science and Technology For A Sustainable Future

In the words of Jochen Zeitz “Sustainability is no longer about doing no harm, it is about doing more good”. As an institution, the Cambridge Institute of Technology stresses enough the need for following a sustainable approach backed by science and technology. Over the past few decades, India has had 3500 engineering colleges out of […]

10 Reasons to go to CIT

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” These are the words of the great leader and a greater human Nelson Mandela. Educating people is the only way to achieve progress and greatness. If education is such a prominent factor in our lives, shouldn’t it be acquired from a […]

5 Tips for Managing Stress in College and Staying Healthy

Grab a bunch of people who’ve just graduated from college and ask them about their experience. You’d be surprised to notice that each one of them has a completely different opinion to share. While some might claim it to be the most exciting years of their life, some others might declare it as an extremely […]

What makes CIT’s Engineering Program Unique?

Did you know India produces over 1 million engineering graduates annually? Also, statistics suggest that there are 3000 plus engineering colleges in the country. The number might have rosen in this exact minute as we speak to you. India’s love towards the profession of engineering isn’t a recent time discovery. Engineering is a noble profession. […]

Common Mistakes To Avoid During the Application Process

Hundreds of colleges, entrance exams and a bunch of other requirements, deciding the suitable college for graduation is a daunting task. There’s no denying that. But it’s important to take a leap of faith and start from somewhere. There’re a lot of factors to be considered while choosing a college. Since you’re about to spend […]