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Running into this article, meaning you have already determined to become an engineer. But have you ever thought about how a bad decision can change your entire life? We are one of the top counties to produce fresh and skilled engineers every year. So, how do you run to the top defeating your competitors? A career path is important. Once you have decided what major you are going to take for your engineering degree you have already taken half of the decision for your future. Let’s not talk about engineering disciplines here. I’d rather focus on the rest half that is choosing a college.

You may wonder why I am so particular about choosing a college where there are a lot of other facts that need to be discussed. Well, I’ll let you know how best engineering colleges will give you the best future ahead. Yes, it is important to know how to choose the best engineering college. If you don’t get serious about choosing your college like you were for discipline, you may not get the desire career prospect that you wished for.

Don’t worry about much because here I’ll only talk about the ways of choosing the best engineering college for your education? Before you start searching for colleges, a few facts you must consider. I’m here to help you with a structured process of how to choose the best engineering college? Trust me if you follow the steps you will get admission to a prestigious
college that will guide your future.

Cambridge Institute of Technology | CIT

Choose your city:

There are plenty of engineering colleges scattered in every corner of India. You must understand the geographical state of the city before you hop into any random college in a random city. You must think of whether you can adjust to the city or not. India has language, culture diversity from state to state. So, before choosing a city beside your native you must consider whether you can adjust or not or the city will welcome you or not? Here I’ll talk about how to choose the best engineering college in the best city. Most of the students consider major cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, Bangalore, Delhi, etc. the reason is better career opportunities. Colleges from small cities may have good academic records but may not meet the placement expectations. So, what you need to consider before choosing a city,

  • Geographical location
  • Food habits
  • Opportunities for job
  • Comfortable Living cost
  • Adaptation in language diversity
  • Cultural blend
  • Distance from your native

However, the initial three points are really important. The rest of them you can take as a further suggestion. In the ‘how to choose the best engineering college’ write-up, I’ll share some facts about why you should go to Bangalore.

So, the best engineering colleges come from majors cities. Out of other popular cities, Bangalore considered being the best city for engineering education and for living as well. So, you may ask why Bangalore is on the top list of engineering education. Here are some facts to read which makes Bangalore the best city for engineering education.

  • As Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore also provide the highest amount of job opportunities.
  • All the multinational and national companies have their working office in Bangalore. So, this city can give you more what you can’t expect from other cities.
  • Bangalore rated the best city for living.
  • You will not find any language barrier in Bangalore. Bangalore has adapted English and Hindi so well that they can welcome people from anywhere in India.
  • Bangalore also offers the highest quality of education.

So, you should make your mind to moving into tech-city of India for your education. This is why you also need to know about the best engineering colleges in Bangalore.

Priority should be in your stream not college:

When you are looking for the best engineering college for you, you must consider the disciplines the college offers. Suppose you want to do BE in Machine learning, which is indeed a popular discipline for the new generation, but you found out that the college you have chosen does not
have the department. That is a major mistake that one can make. This will guide you on how to choose the best engineering college but not for the stream. The following instruction will guide you to make the right decision.

  • Make a list of priorities.
  • Make sure you don’t have to compromise on your stream.
  • Don’t go after the brand name. If any college has gained popularity for being one of the best mechanical engineering colleges that don’t mean your desire stream has a reputation in that particular college.
  • You have to make sure that the college is performing great in your chosen stream.
  • Check for last year’s performances.
  • You must read the course curriculum carefully because your chosen subjects will decide your future job role.
  • If the college’s website is not displaying the course structure then contact them and ask for the details.

Course fee:

Now we have to talk about a major factor like money. Here, in India study engineering is costly. Once you start struggling with how to choose the best engineering college, one fact always set you back, that is fees. Though the government colleges have an affordable fee structure, private colleges’ charges are very high. For government colleges, the competition is very high in limited seats. So, the majority of the students prefers private institutes. If you to enroll in a reputed private college, you may need to spend a minimum amount of 5 lakhs for your entire course duration. However, many private institutions charge almost 10 Lakh as course fees. So, how will you decide which college is offering the best education at affordable fees? For that here are some tips.

  • Make a list of colleges having your stream in it. This is your journey of how to choose the best engineering college. So, you need to set your priority first.
  • You need to be sure that the colleges you have selected are performing well in your desire stream.
  • Study colleges’ course curriculum.
  • Make a list of colleges according to fee structures either ascending or descending.
  • When everything is done then you need to understand your financial status and choose wisely.
  • Don’t choose only one college. Make a list of them and search for financial assistance.
  • You may make a list of colleges with high brand value and educational infrastructures but there are course fees are high. For that, you need to apply for financial aids.
  • Colleges having high standards also offer scholarships in different categories.

So, course fees are important but you can also apply for financial assistance.


Best AI and ML Engineering Colleges in Bangalore

100% placement is a myth. The placement cell of any college doesn’t assure you that you will have a guaranteed job after your degree. However, the key role of a placement cell in colleges is to create opportunities for students to take up challenges. This is the crucial part of the article about ”how to choose the best engineering college”. You will get proper guidance before you set a foot in your search for jobs. Many colleges have tied-up with companies to provide opportunities for the student. You need to understand the placement policies of colleges and don’t get trapped in myth. Here are some checkpoints for selecting the best placement colleges,

  • Provides additional communication training
  • Prepare students for interviews
  • Polish students existing skill before the interview
  • Prepares a personalized CV for recruiters
  • Conduct job fair for better career opportunities
  • Have an average record of place above 80% throughout the year
  • Check highest, average, and lowest packages students are receiving
  • Placement assistance for students from your stream
  • Industry tie-ups for placement and training

Get enrolment if a reputed college with a good placement record is challenging. You need to focus on at least 10 colleges with good placement statistics. Because within ten at the end of the day you may be left with 3 to 5 options after checking all cratering of how to choose the best engineering college?

Hostel facilities:

Every government and private colleges have their separate hostel facilities. If you are an out-stationed applicant then you must look for a place to stay. Don’t worry about that. Colleges offer hostel facilities for students. So, before choosing a college you must know the hostel facilities provided by colleges.

  • Check for hostel fees.
  • Search for hostel life from the respective website of that college.
  • If you have a chance to visit physically, go check the room, food quality and security.
  • Few colleges provide limit seats so you also check neighboring community whether they provide paying guest facilities or not.
  • Safety should be always on the priority list. Make a ground check on how secure your college area is.
  • Now for the last check. Check for amenities are provided like beds, storage, study desk, laundry, geyser, entertainment, medical etc.



Colleges’ location is always crucial. It should be connected to the main transport system in the system. Many students may need to travel so the area should be accessible with basic transportation.

  • Measure the distance from the nearby bus-stop. If you are local or living as a paying guest.
  • Need to know whether it is well connected to the railway station or airport if you are coming from different states.
  • Check whether the college is providing its transport facilities or not.

Once you have done with your research you need to make a list of 3 to 5 best colleges with placement. Among them, you need to select anyone. However, during counselling, you may have to struggle for choosing colleges but don’t give up on your stream. You can choose any of the colleges from your list but don’t change your stream for college.

If you research well, you will get a handful of college names for your engineering study. You need to open-minded and open to all challenges before you choose your engineering college. This article on how to choose the best engineering college will guide you in making the right decision.

Dr. G. Indumathi

Principal, Cambridge Institute of Technology

  • Ph.D. completed during 2012, Dr. M.G.R University Chennai
  • M.Tech Industrial Electronics from SJCE Mysore under VTU in the year 2003
  • B.E. Electronics and Communication , SJCE Mysore , Mysore University in the year 1987

“Technical education is not learning of the facts, but the training of the Mind to think”

                                                                                                                      — Albert Einstein

Cambridge Institute of Technology focuses on imparting quality education to all. We provide an opportunity to all our students to develop the qualities of global professionals. An academic platform through standardized teaching learning processes assist the students towards achieving academic excellence. At Cambridge  Institute of Technology, the students are trained on emerging technologies through Industry collaborative programmes, Real time projects and Internship opportunities through Industry sponsored labs, participate in research activities in advanced research labs. A start up ecosystem is established at the Institute for students and faculty with mentoring, training and infrastructure support to inculcate the start up culture among the young minds. Students have ample opportunities to participate in sports and extra curricular activities. Technical competencies through various clubs at the Departments. Our goal is to develop our students as technocrats who can contribute  to the society and build a sustainable eco system.