IP Right and IP management for Start-Up

The webinar was presented by our Dean R & D, Dr. Antony Louis Piriyakumar who comprehensively covered all the nuances of Intellectual Property Rights and Management which is the need of the hour. As we all know that our country is well known in product development and innovation in a very unique way since ages […]


Innovation is the buzzword. In fact, it has been the buzzword for so long, you could say that we’ve developed a cult around it. Fortune 500 companies, universities, colleges and local school systems all agree that it is the key to the future. We should definitely start thinking/talking more about innovation as a sequence of separate skills […]

My Success Story-Motivational Talk by a successful entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship and building enterprises are the need of the hour. This in the best way to enhance the growth and development of the nations as well as to augment national economy. We at Cambridge Institute of Technology strive hard to create students to become employers than seeking employment. As a part of our policy in […]