Fests at CIT


This mega event is CIT’s Annual Engineering Intercollegiate Cultural Fest. Today in its 10 th edition, it is one of the most-awaited events for engineering students across Bengaluru. Its last edition receiving more than 15,000 visitors, participation from more than 50 engineering colleges in Karnataka, more than 56 cultural events and activities and appearances by more than 100 celebrities from across India.


Pinnacle is MBA annual Intercollegiate Management fest that is laden with fun and frolic set of activities. This event helps to enhance the students’ knowledge through activity-based learning. This event allows participants to put forth their conceptual understanding with real life situations.


Intuit is a Technical Annual Fest organised by Cambridge Institute of Technology which is a project exhibition held every year as an opportunity for students of CIT to present their project modelling, analytical and technical skills. Students from all departments of Engineering eagerly participate in Intuit as it not only provides a shining opportunity to showcase their technical, analytical and tactical skills, but also allows them to bond, network and hone their communication skills – much needed in their careers ahead. Students present their projects worked under various domains like android, cloud computing, .Net etc.

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Science Champs

Science Champs is the annual Science event organised by Cambridge Group of Institutions where students from 10th standard and 2nd PU from schools and colleges across Bengaluru participate to showcase their STEM skills. Cambridge Group hosted the second edition of Science Champs 2019 – Great Minds in the Making on November 9th, 2019 in collaboration with community partners, stakeholders & associates. And, as a one-of-a-kind unique event tailor-made for enthusiastic students to utilise Science, Technology or Math to solve a problem, the Grand Prize for the winning team was a guided Educational Tour & a trip to NASA – Kennedy Space Center, USA

This year’s competition focussed on Global & Environmental issues, and provided a valuable platform for young minds to showcase their skills to solve issues concerning our society.