Cambridge Institute of Technology Incubator (CIT Incubator) is a registered not-for-profit society. CIT Incubator aims to support rural and social inclusion start-ups, primarily those that enable scalable products and services for the under-served and bottom-of-the-pyramid segment.

CIT incubator is a platform for students and innovators to fuel their ideas. We are presenting a well-structured unit specially designed to encourage our students to become successful entrepreneurs. We are also focusing to support young entrepreneurs to evolve rural/social inclusive business models leveraging Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

CIT Incubator, a prestigious cell towards sustainable growth, headed by Zubin Varghese. Under his guidance, CIT Incubator is developing depth and understanding of the underserved segments by sustained efforts via grass-root trials.

Incubator Director's Message

” I welcome aspiring youths to join our institution to realize their ambition, objectives and achieve higher goals through higher education.”

Mr. Zubin

Director, Cambrian Innovation lab 


Sustainable development is the only way to save our planet. So, we are focusing on juvenile business models towards sustainable development to reduce industry level energy consumption, including the transportation and manufacturing industries.

The core idea is to ascertain pathways for innovative business models to corroborate entrepreneurs who are seeking low cost, sustainable, and relevant products and services.

On a special note, CIT Incubator aims to host organisations’ innovative initiatives including independently funded initiatives that are working towards the sustainable solution of living. Our key objective is to support innovation via involving technology creation, business modelling, service design, etc. in areas like education, agriculture, financial inclusion, livelihood and healthcare.