The Dataquest is a top best organization for ranking the colleges in different aspects. Dataquest is one of the social media properties of Cybermedia. Dataquest is assigned to rank the colleges into distinct titles.

Dataquest ranks according to the survey of colleges, students and employers for ranking under top tech schools. This survey is intended to determine the Top-Technology Schools in the country and rank them into a list on the basis of certain criteria. They perform certain survey methodology to create a specific ranking list.

Dataquest and CMR’s foresee and conduct the top T-School Survey every year and they reveal the top 100 engineering colleges in India. This Survey focuses on T-schools and their
 contribution to develop skills in the technology industry. They rank them through a comprehensive evaluation process even during pandemic.

Cambridge Institute of Technology is honorable that we are ranked 68th across the country by Dataquest T-school survey 2017. This proves in particular that we are moving forward towards the vision of our institution. We are overwhelmed with happiness to share this special moment of appreciation from Dataquest.

Our Institution feels proud that we are listed under T-school. This listing and ranking aids us to do better to rank ourselves higher for the hard work of our students, staff and management.