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In India, engineering courses were always the first option for most people to take a career. The Engineering Domain has grown with one million students pursuing this degree. As the admission process is in progress, the best way to compare and assess which are the best engineering courses in India suited for you. We have listed the best B.T courses with a broad range of prospects for a career and a better future. The list contains programs with various streams and programs for any vertical work in Engineering. The best institution in the country has an unsurpassed record of  placing, best facilities, highly qualified professorships and unrivalled academia. The courses were curated in order to offer you the best choices.

Let’s take a look at the disciplines that have attracted attention in the present time and are sought after until we pick divisions with more reach and opportunities. Before admission, don’t you wonder about which are the best engineering courses in India? We have developed a list of the top 5 divisions that are currently trending in accordance with the perspective, reach and job opportunities associated with the engineering course:

Computer Science Engineering:

Lab Programs execution - cit

Computer Science and Engineering is one of the top courses students take with their students in bulk according to different educational portals. The course is open to candidates interested in serving as Software Engineers or Informatics Specialists in the IT industry. In this course, you will learn programming languages, software knowledge, program design, and coding and project management. Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Facebook, Amazon, Oracle, Cisco, and Wipro are among the most famous companies.

The area of computer science subsumes the combination of electronics and software engineering. Computer science engineers have various capabilities, including analysis, creativity, problem-solving, critical thinking, communication and leadership.

Electronics & Communications Engineering:

Best Electronics and Communication Engineering Colleges In Bangalore

Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) deals with basic electronics, analogue and digital data transmission and reception, satellite communication, microwave engineering, antennas and wave progression.

Courses Electronics and Communication Engineering include candidates interested in their career in electrical circuits, signs and signal systems, digital gadgets, electronic power, mobile development and so on. Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL), Intel, Texas Instruments, Electronics Corporation of India Limited (ECIL), Samsung, Electronics, Toshiba, Sony, and Philips Semiconductors are popular organizations for electronics and communication engineers.

Information Technology Engineering:

Lab Infrastructure -cit

The fields and the aspects of engineering such as computer systems, IT networks, web-based applications, control systems, artificial intelligence and mobile computing cover information technology engineering. This discipline has gained great popularity and is full of volumes, thanks to the increasing and growth of the IT industry.

Now we have almost covered three majors so that you don’t need to struggle to find which are the best engineering courses in India.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Engineering:

Cambridge Institute of Technology | CIT

The amount of data generated by both people and machines today far exceeds people’s ability to use, interpret and decide on these data in a complex way. The basis of all machine learning is artificial intelligence and represents the future of every contextual decision making.

This course begins with Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning building blocks. Then we understand the effect of artificial intelligence in different fields and how artificial intelligence can be used in your current roles.

Mechanical Engineering:

In all engineering streams, mechanical engineering is considered the forerunner. It is a career that helps students understand heavy machinery’s working mechanisms. The postulates of engineering, physics and materials are studied and applied under this branch.

The Mechanical Engineering course covers subjects such as architecture and research. A mechanical engineer will supervise and prepare projects in fields such as thermal power plants, nuclear power plants, electricity generation, renewable energy, cars, quality control, industrial automation, mechanical biology, etc. DRDO, ABB, Indian Railway, TATA Motors, Reliance Industries, ABB and Mahindra & Mahindra are amongst the prominent enterprises.

With above two disciplines in engineering, we have put an end to your journey for the search of which are the best engineering courses in India.

The list comprises both the ancient branch and also the trending technology fields of engineering. The above branches have a broad range of future career opportunities. Some of them are ruling in the industry fields. This blog aims to inform you about the best engineering courses in India. I hope it will help you to make the right decision.

Dr. G. Indumathi

Principal, Cambridge Institute of Technology

  • Ph.D. completed during 2012, Dr. M.G.R University Chennai
  • M.Tech Industrial Electronics from SJCE Mysore under VTU in the year 2003
  • B.E. Electronics and Communication , SJCE Mysore , Mysore University in the year 1987

“Technical education is not learning of the facts, but the training of the Mind to think”

                                                                                                                      — Albert Einstein

Cambridge Institute of Technology focuses on imparting quality education to all. We provide an opportunity to all our students to develop the qualities of global professionals. An academic platform through standardized teaching learning processes assist the students towards achieving academic excellence. At Cambridge  Institute of Technology, the students are trained on emerging technologies through Industry collaborative programmes, Real time projects and Internship opportunities through Industry sponsored labs, participate in research activities in advanced research labs. A start up ecosystem is established at the Institute for students and faculty with mentoring, training and infrastructure support to inculcate the start up culture among the young minds. Students have ample opportunities to participate in sports and extra curricular activities. Technical competencies through various clubs at the Departments. Our goal is to develop our students as technocrats who can contribute  to the society and build a sustainable eco system.