Smart Technologies and Industrial IoT Lab

Manufacturing Redefined Using High-Tech Intelligence:

Smart Manufacturing is a technology-driven approach that utilizes internet-connected machinery to monitor manufacturing and industrial processes remotely using smart sensors and actuators.

It is a fully integrated, collaborative manufacturing system, that respond in real time to meet changing demands and conditions in the smart factory, the supply network, and customer needs.

IIOT is the heart of Smart Manufacturing and are the biggest enablers of industry 4.0 revolution. Smart manufacturing enables manufacturers to maximize the yield from existing production capabilities and develop the next generation of production capabilities necessary to compete in a digital economy.

The main objective of the program:

  1. To understand what design manufacturing is and how it is impacting careers, practices and processes in companies both large and small.
  2. To understand the concept of smart factory, the Internet of Things, digital twin and data security.
  3. To learn how this new approach to making products make companies more responsive to changes and employees more involved and engaged, as new career paths.
  4. To gain insight into cyber-physical technologies and developing business models.
  5. To acquire skills that will enable students prepare for a career within the global digital technologies-driven manufacturing sector.


  • Here at Cambrian Consultancy Center and Industrial Research (CCCIR) at Cambridge Institute of Technology (CIT) is powered by WIPRO 3D, a well renowned industry with modern manufacturing facility catering to the needs of big industrial clients like Aviation Industry, Automobile Industry etc.


The lab is equipped with machinery and related facility like Industrial sensors, controllers, gateways, servers, measuring tools, 3D printers, Robotic arm, computers and allied peripherals IOT enabled manufacturing systems, and so on…

A spacious and sophisticated state-of-the-art infrastructural facility has been created in the fifth floor at CIT with a structured module of course content emphasizing chosen applications to train engineering students in this domain so that the students would feel empowered learning automation practically facilitating them to be an industry ready resource in modern industry.


The course is designed to suit engineering students and faculty of all disciplines to undergo training pertaining to different chosen/desired applications. This will benefit them to be aware of the modern trends used in manufacturing and usage of IOT tools predominantly used in modern industry and a career in modern manufacturing sectors.


Eligibility to undergo training:

Any engineering student or faculty aspiring to learn modern technology in manufacturing adopted in industries can enroll for the training program. The duration of the program at level 1 will be for a week (30 hours).


With Government of India and Karnataka Government emphasizing on establishing manufacturing sectors providing with all possible additional support to set up startups in the manufacturing sector. “Students trained with additive manufacturing and usage of IOT tools in manufacturing will have tremendous opportunities to take up jobs in all these manufacturing sectors of our country and in the global market as well; with an impetus to enter into entrepreneurial ventures also,” said Dr. Sanjeevi Shankar, Professor & Head (R & D – Mechanical Engineering) and Principal Scientist at CCCIR.