Cambridge Institute of Technology (CITech) is in the forefront among providers of quality engineering education in Karnataka and leaders in transforming more than 15000 lives since its inception. CITech augments quality in students through its evolving state of the art infrastructure, skill enhancement programmes, tie-ups with industry for incubation and projects, training, and placements, research, and development. CITech fosters a community to learn, to motivate, and to support our clients, partners, stakeholders, and society, globally and locally, to realize their dreams and ambitions for a better world. Meeting the fast pace of global change, CITech is accelerating the transformation within the institution to make a better world expanding its academics to meet social change.

As part of this mission, SEEDBRAINS event aims at accelerating innovation and entrepreneurship through sustainability and fostering India-Netherlands research collaboration for globalization.


As a member of the INBCB and in accordance with INBCB’s mission, Cambridge Institute of Technology has planned to host an innovation challenge event “SEEDBRAINS” through its innovation arm Cambrian on the 21st of January 2022.

The main purpose of the event is to recognize and award innovations that are in alignment with UN’s Sustainable Development Goals 2030. Several Objectives are expected to be met by the event.

  • Creating a platform to recognize & award the innovation & creativity in product development among young professional undergraduates
  • Promote interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary and trans disciplinary innovation
  • Elevate the national event to global innovation challenge involving students from national & international universities, over years
  • Associate with industries, research organization, Government agencies, NGOs and funding agencies for technical, mentoring and sponsorship support


  • SEEDBRAINS is considered to be the stepping stone for establishing Interdisciplinary connect and industry collaboration.
  • Mentors guide their students in developing sustainable projects pertaining to several thrust areas and by exhibiting the same, they get an opportunity to get connected to experts of various thrust areas. This enables them to strengthen their research work as well generate a lot more ideas. This way, start-ups and industry experts would spot talents and plan for incubation.
  • SEEDBRAINS would set a platform to enable knowledge exchange, bridge the gap between youngsters and international industrial world, ease and stimulate research opportunities between countries.